The academy's nova—a new star that aims to become the brightest shining star! With an incredible bond between the members, Trickstar is a group of the most promising stars that will be sure to stir up the whole academy with their ceaseless energy!


A fairly orthodox idol unit led by Hokuto Hidaka. Their fanservice is both dazzling and comfortably personal with their audience. Trickstar overflows with a calming energy and genuine character, so their work in media focuses on appearing in variety shows, hosting official events, acting as radio personalities, and being the face of advertising campaigns in commercials. Their theme color is orange.

Trickstar is affiliated with Starmaker Production.


The members of Trickstar initially met at the Venus Cup, a Dream Festival performed by first years at Yumenosaki Private Academy. Two members from each first year class, Class A and Class B, that were not part of a unit were chosen to participate. Hokuto and Subaru were selected as the Class A representatives, while Mao and Makoto were the Class B representatives. Makoto was not initially chosen, but was pulled in by Mao after the original representative suddenly cancelled. The four of them had never performed together before, but their performance was incredibly in sync and the members all expressed the desire to continue being idols together.

After the Venus Cup, the four of them witnessed Valkyrie's downfall together, and with the hope of overturning the helplessness they felt, formed the unit Trickstar.


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