Hello there! My name is RJ (also known as River), and I'm a 23 year old college student currently residing in Alabama. I use she/they pronouns and identify as a lesbian. I plan on making my own, separate website that will have more information about me in the future.

Having gotten into Ensemble Stars! around the summer of 2017 (though for all I know it could've happened earlier), I have been an avid fan of the the unit Trickstar, and remain one even to this day. My favorite characters in the series are Makoto Yuuki and Mao Isara. Despite being very unexperienced with coding, I wanted to make this website to express my love and appreciation for this unit, and I want to allow others a chance to get to know them better.

That, and also because I was bored.


Trickstar will consist of basic unit and character information, discography, and stories involving them, including chapters from the main, event, and gacha stories. I plan on including stories from both ! and !! eras, and will link to those that are translated. If anyone has suggestions for the website, know about missing translations, or wish for their translations to not be linked here, these inquiries can be sent to @lesbianmutual on Twitter.

Thanks for stopping by!
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